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CNC Coil Winding Machine for Voltage Transformer

It uses the most advanced PLC control technology in the international community, has complete functions, and is easy to operate. It has positive and reverse winding, positive and negative counting, power-off protection, parking brake, winding position setting, positioning, and fault prompt kinetic energy. You can set the program through the touch screen and display the running status.


The interface timely displays wire diameter, speed, turns, and layers. The spindle control adopts variable frequency and infinite speed regulation, with the characteristics of a large transmission moment, a wide speed regulation range, and low noise. Speed control is divided into automatic setting and foot operation in two ways, which greatly facilitates the operation of users.


The wiring is completed by a stepper motor and a high-precision ball wire rod, and counting uses a grating rotary encoder to output rotation speed and angle signals for data tracking, making the spindle rotation and wire movement very precise. And it uses a West German magnetic resistor for tension, thus avoiding problems such as the wire being easy to break or the coil being loose, sliding, and so on due to tension imbalance.