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Full Automatic Radiator Production Line

I. General

Our automatic radiator (for transformer) production line mainly absorbed, improved & updated the European technology and design. Our machine performance reaches the international standard class, and the price is much economic and competitive. The whole line is composed of automatic decoiler, roll former, hydraulic press machine, rotate rack, spot welding machine, dual seam welding machine, end welding machine, edge shearing machine, end cutting machine, panel straightening machine and forwarding conveyers, etc. The sizes of radiators are 320, 460, 480, 520, 535, or custom-design (as per client’s actual requirement). Panel length is 1000 - 4000 mm. The whole line is fully automatic, the product quality is good, and the performance reaches the first-rate in the world.

II. Work flow

Automatic Decoiling – Roll forming and Hydraulic Pressing – Automatic Rotating – Spot Welding – Seam Welding –– End Welding 1 –– End Welding 2 – Edge Trimming – End Cutting –Panel Straightening



Standard panel size

310mm, 320mm,460mm, 480mm, 520mm, 535mm, etc

Panel length


Length tolerance


Panel bearing pressure

Positive pressure≥ 0.15Mpa,negative pressure ≥ 133Kpa,without deformation

Panel material

ST12, SPCC, DC01 cold rolled steel, 1.0-1.2mm

Line work speed


Oil fluits size

Steel thickness 1.0mm

≥ 11mm

Steel thickness 1.2mm

≥ 11.5mm

Number of oil fluits

Panel 310mm, 320mm


Panel 460mm, 480mm


Panel 520mm, 535mm