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Tips for Preventing Aging in Oil-Immersed Transformers


Yibo Machinery, a well-known manufacturer specializing in supplying various electrical equipment, has recently released important guidelines for ensuring the longevity and proper functioning of oil-immersed transformers. The company emphasizes the significance of avoiding transformer overload, as this can lead to a surge in oil temperature.

When the oil temperature becomes too high, the hydrocarbons in the transformer oil may decompose into sludge, causing the oil to become acidic and subsequently leading to the aging of the transformer, Moreover, the company recommends that transformers with a capacity exceeding 750 KVA should be equipped with a humidifier.

The humidifier cavity is typically filled with either silica gel or calcium chloride.

Regular maintenance and replacement of the humidifier are necessary to ensure its effectiveness.

The performance of discolored silicone moisture indicating from blue to pink can be restored after heating, while wet calcium chloride congeals into clumps and should be replaced promptly, In addition, it is advised that when conducting transformer maintenance and overhauls, caution should be taken to avoid using oil or exposing copper or iron contact.

The larger the contact area between the oil and copper, iron, or zinc, the greater the likelihood of the transformer aging phenomenon occurring, For smaller oil-immersed transformers, the use of a silicone bag immersed in the oil is highly recommended. Silica gel, when used in this manner, has a regenerative effect on the oil and can effectively prevent aging,

Following these guidelines can significantly slow down the aging process of oil-immersed transformers. However, in the event that transformer oil is found to have deteriorated or become contaminated, it must be promptly replaced to ensure the continued safe and efficient use of the transformer, Yibo Machinery, with the support and resources of its sister companies, is capable of providing turnkey engineering services for CT/PT and transformer factories. The company's commitment to providing high-quality electrical equipment and its expertise in transformer maintenance and care make it a reputable and reliable choice for businesses in need of such services, With its emphasis on proper maintenance and care for oil-immersed transformers, Yibo Machinery is dedicated to ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of these crucial electrical components.

By following these guidelines, businesses can reduce the risk of transformer aging and maintain the efficiency and reliability of their electrical systems