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Advanced CNC voltage transformer ring winding machine

The advanced voltage transformer CNC toroidal winding machine is specially designed for winding 6-66KV voltage transformer coils. Especially suitable for small batches and diversified coil types. Since its launch, this product has been extensively verified and proven to have the characteristics of high winding accuracy, wide applicability, user-friendly operation, convenient adjustment, and strong versatility.

    Product Description

    There are two ways of speed control: automatic setting and foot pedal, which greatly facilitates user operation. The pay-off is completed by a stepper motor and a high-precision ball screw to ensure accurate spindle rotation and pay-off movement. The counting process utilizes a rotary encoder system that provides output signals for speed and angle, allowing for accurate data tracking. 
    The tensioner adopts a magnetic resistance device to solve the problem of tension imbalance and prevent wire breakage or loose coil/slip. 

    Unique advantages

    Allows the coil to be wound directly on the supporting frame using a treated voltage transformer closed core. There is no need to open the core to avoid any damage to its performance. 
    Improve the overall electrical performance of the transformer. By eliminating core binding processes such as cutting and grinding, the size of the transformer is reduced and the production process is shortened. Solve the problem of local emission exceeding standards caused by process problems. The overall cost of the transformer is significantly reduced and its economic benefits are greatly improved. 


    Advanced CNC toroidal winding machines are widely used in the electrical industry for efficient and precise winding of voltage transformer coils. Effectively meet the needs of small-scale production and various coil changes. 
    Our CNC ring winding machines guarantee high performance, stability and reliability while providing user-friendly operation and convenient adjustments. It represents the latest technology in the field, ensuring excellent results and maximum productivity.