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CRGO Silicon Steel Coil Slitting Line For Transformer Core Production


Steel thickness 0.18-0.5
Decoiling expansion range Φ480-Φ520mm
Material width 200-1250mm
Coil weight ≤5000kg
Slitting shaft Φ125mm
Blade outer diameter Φ250mm
Slitting strip width 40-1200
Slitting speed 80-120m∕min
Burr ≤0.02mm
Straightness ≤0.2mm/2m
Width tolerance ±0.1mm
Slitting blade 6 sets
Power consumption 55kw
Gross weight About 20 ton
Power supply 380V AC 50Hz


Main Components and Parameters:

1. Coil Car for Loading and Unloading

The coil car can move and elevate. It can load the coil into decoiler or unload the coil strips from recoiler. It mainly consists of trolley, wheels, shafts, hydraulic system etc.

2. Decoiler

Decoiler mainly consists of machine base, reducer, main shaft, supporter, etc. It can be expanded by hydraulicsystem, and motor for forwarding and backward.

Coil inner diameter: 500mm

Max. outer diameter: 1200mm

Coil weight: 5000kg

Expanding range: 480-520mm

Max. coil width: 1000mm

3. Slitter

It is the most important device in the slitting line. It mainly consists of shaft, reducer, blade, machine base, guidingstructure, etc.

Slitting width tolerance: ±0.1mm

Max. slitting speed: 80-120m∕min

Slitting thickness: 0.15~0.5mm

4. Tensioning unit

This device is used to provide tension force to the steel sheet. So the coil can be rewind tightly and orderly. It mainly consists of supporter, roll, press plate, separator, etc

5. Recoil

The recoiler is used to rewind the strips into rolled coil and then the coil strips can be unloaded by coil car. It mainly consists of machine base, reducer, motor, shaft, press roll, etc

Recoiling inner diameter: 500mm

Max. recoiling width: 1000mm

Loading capacity: 5000kg

Outer diameter: 1200mm

6. Hydraulic system

The hydraulic system is used for the power source of the hydraulic cylinders. It mainly consists of oil pump, tank, cooler, valves, etc