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GDR-800/1500 high and low voltage winding machine

GDR-800/1500 high and low voltage winding machine is specially designed for winding high and low voltage coils of transformers.

The machine adopts powerful motor and gear transmission, and operates smoothly and reliably.

    It provides two speed options: fast and slow, and has automatic counting of winding turns and power-off memory functions. This machine adds an encoder for precise counting, ensuring accurate and efficient winding of transformer core production. 


    GDR-800/1500 high and low voltage winding machine is an indispensable tool in the transformer manufacturing process. It is mainly used for winding high-voltage and low-voltage coils to accurately form the required windings on the transformer core. The machine is capable of adapting to a variety of transformer sizes, making it suitable for both small and large-scale production. 

    Main features

     The GDR-800/1500 high and low voltage winding machine offers a range of features to improve the performance and efficiency of transformer core winding: Motor and gear drive: The machine is driven by a powerful motor connected to a sturdy gear system. The combination of motor and gear transmission ensures a smooth and stable winding process, and can accurately control the winding speed and tension. 
    Speed options: The machine offers two speed options, allowing the operator to select fast or slow mode depending on specific winding requirements. 
    This flexibility enables efficient winding of various transformer sizes and designs, ensuring optimal productivity. 
    Automatic counting and power-off memory: The machine is equipped with an automatic counting function to accurately record the number of winding coils during the winding process. 
    This feature eliminates the need for manual counting, reduces the chance of errors and increases overall efficiency. Additionally, a power-off memory feature ensures that the counting process is not interrupted in the event of a power outage, allowing operators to seamlessly continue where they left off. 

    Encoders for precise counting: To ensure the highest accuracy in counting the winding turns, the machine is equipped with an encoder. This advanced technology accurately measures the rotation of the winding mechanism, providing a reliable count of winding turns. 
    This eliminates the risk of inconsistencies in the final product and improves the overall quality of the transformer core. GDR-800/1500 high and low voltage winding machine is the perfect solution to simplify the transformer core winding process. 
    With efficient motor and gear transmission, speed selection, automatic counting and power-off memory functions, and the use of encoders for precise counting, the machine guarantees consistent high-quality winding. Experience higher productivity and reliability in transformer production with the GDR-800/1500 high and low voltage winding machine.