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High Precision Foil Winding Machine - Automate your transformer manufacturing process

Introducing our high precision foil winding machine, the ideal solution for the transformer industry. Our machines are specially designed to satisfy mid- to low-end customers in Asia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, North America, Europe and Africa, revolutionizing the winding process of transformer copper foil and aluminum foil. With its advanced features such as high precision, PLC programming control, servo tension control, automation, energy saving, long life, personalized customization, and reliable after-sales service, it is the perfect choice for transformer manufacturers.

     Our foil winding machines ensure outstanding precision in the winding of transformer copper and aluminum foils. Its industry-leading accuracy ensures even and consistent winding, minimizing material waste and ensuring high-quality transformer production. 

    PLC programming control

    Our machines are equipped with advanced PLC programming control, providing unparalleled flexibility. Operators can easily program and customize various parameters such as winding speed, number of turns, pitch and tension to meet specific manufacturing requirements. This ensures precise and efficient coil winding every time. 

    Servo Tension Control

    Our foil winders feature servo tension control, which allows precise control of the tension applied to the foil during the winding process. This achieves even tension distribution, reduces the risk of material damage and ensures consistent winding quality. 
    Automation increases efficiency: Our machines are designed for maximum efficiency and are equipped with automation features to streamline the coiling process. By automating foil feeding, cutting and end gluing, it eliminates manual handling and minimizes production time, ensuring higher productivity and cost-effectiveness. 


    Energy Efficient and Long Life

    We understand the importance of energy efficiency and durability in manufacturing equipment. Our machines are energy-saving and made with high-quality materials and components, guaranteeing longevity and reduced energy consumption, resulting in significant cost savings over time. 


    We offer customization options to meet our customers' unique requirements. From coil size and winding patterns to advanced features, our machines can be customized to specific production needs, providing maximum versatility and adaptability. 

    Reliable After-Sales Service

    Our commitment to customer satisfaction goes beyond the initial purchase. We provide stable and long-term after-sales service to ensure timely support, maintenance and spare parts supply. Our dedicated team is ready to resolve any questions or concerns, giving you peace of mind and continued operational excellence. 

    International Brand Electrical Components

    To ensure the highest quality and reliability, our foil winding machines use electrical components from internationally renowned brands. This guarantees superior performance, durability, and easy access to replacement parts worldwide. 



    Our high-precision foil winding machines are designed for a variety of applications in the transformer industry, our machines specialize in winding copper foil and aluminum foil for transformer cores, providing precise and efficient winding capabilities. It is ideal for manufacturing transformers used in power distribution, renewable energy systems, industrial machinery, and more. 

    Foil coil winding

    In addition to transformers, our machines are also suitable for winding coils.
     It ensures accurate and consistent winding and is suitable for industries such as telecommunications, automotive electronics, aerospace and medical devices. In summary, our high-precision foil winding machines utilize advanced technology to optimize the transformer manufacturing process. With its high precision, PLC programming control, servo tension control, automation features, energy efficiency, durability, customization options, reliable after-sales service, and internationally recognized electrical components, it is the ultimate solution for transformer manufacturers. Experience seamless automation and superior quality with our foil winding machines.