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Intelligent high-voltage fully automatic winding machine/Oil Immersed Transformer Automatic Winding Machine

Our intelligent high-voltage fully automatic winding machine is specially designed for winding high-voltage coils of oil-immersed power transformers from 50KVA to 630KVA.

    The equipment can automatically wrap both end insulation and layer insulation using paper tapes of the same width, with adjustable tension. 
    The insulation winding and wiring are completed automatically and simultaneously, and the positions can be changed. In addition, the round wire flattening system can flatten the enameled wire to less than 25% in real time, improving the filling factor of the coil. 
    When combined and optimized, these features can significantly reduce transformer cost, increase short-circuit resistance and reduce temperature rise. 
    Equipped with a large number of German intelligent sensors and digital control systems, the operation is convenient and efficient. Under ideal conditions, it only takes about 20 minutes to produce a high-voltage coil, which greatly improves production efficiency. To facilitate employee training, equipment maintenance and software upgrades, our equipment also has IoT capabilities. Our after-sales team can use computers or smartphones to remotely connect equipment in different countries and regions via the Internet. 
    Oil Immersed Transformer Automatic Winding Machine can observe the operation of the equipment through the on-board panoramic camera and communicate with the operators. If necessary, you can take over the device and modify relevant parameters. In addition, Oil Immersed Transformer Automatic Winding Machine can also optimize and upgrade system software through the network. With our ongoing support, customers can use our equipment with confidence knowing we are always there for them. 

    Main features

     Suitable for high-voltage coil winding of 50KVA-630KVA oil-immersed power transformers. Automatic winding of both end insulation and layer insulation with adjustable tension. 
    Insulated winding and cables are synchronized and automatically transposed. The enameled wire is flattened in real time to improve the coil filling factor. Intelligent sensors and digital control systems made in Germany are easy to operate and efficient. 
    It has lot functions such as remote connection, observation, communication, parameter modification, and software upgrade. Using our intelligent high-voltage fully automatic winding machine, you can achieve efficient and precise winding of high-voltage coils for power transformers, reduce costs and improve performance. Trust us to provide you with reliable and innovative solutions.