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Slitting Line Of Silicon Steel Strip

The slitting line for silicon steel strip is a type of production processing equipment that cuts a coiled silicon steel strip into silicon steel strips with a width and then coils the latter into coils at a coiling tension. It is widely applied in the food, packaging, building material, electrical and other sheet metal processing industries.

    Equipment Features

    The slitting line for silicon steel strip designed and manufactured by our company mainly has the following features:
    a) The line is equipped with the slitter and recoiler that are of high-rigidity, high-precision structure, the design deflection of its main system is 1/10,000, and its precision tolerance and form tolerance is Grade 4 or 5;
    b) The entire line is arranged reasonably and all equipment is actuated electrically, pneumatically or hydraulically, easy to operate and high in production efficiency;
    c) The line is equipped with the latest advanced GJIM series programmable controller produced by Delta, achieving a full-length logic controller, thus increasing the stability and reliability of the system and making it possible to carry out the man-machine interaction through the touch screen, cut to length and slitting speed display.
    d) The slitting speed is adjustable; the uncoiler, slitter and recoiler are equipped with an imported speed governor, so single-action operation can be achieved in the manual mode and the slitting speed changes automatically for matching when the uncoiler and slitter are interlocked and when the uncoiler, slitter and recoiler are interlocked. For automatic cutting, the speed synchronization can be achieved across the line.

    Equipment Composition

    The slitting line for silicon steel strip is composed of the following items:
    1) Loading and unloading car;
    2) Uncoiler;
    3) Guide for loop pit;
    4) Material receiver;
    5) Movable guide device;
    6) Slitter;
    7) Material receiving middle bridge;
    8) Tensioning device;
    9) Recoiler;
    10) Hydraulic station and pneumatic system; and
    11) Electrical control cabinet and console.

    Major Technical Parameters

    Material: silicon electrical steel strip;
    Inner diameter of coils: Φ500mm;
    Coil weight: 10T;
    Coil width: 200-1250mm;
    Sheet thickness: 0.18-0.35mm;
    Sheet width: 200-1250mm;
    Slitting speed: 0 ~ 120 m/min;
    Production capacity:50T/Day
    Decoiler capacity:10T(Max)
    Coiler capacity:5T(Max)
    Slitting numbers:13
    Min. strip width:40mm
    Max. strip width:1000mm
    Knives diameter:φ125
    Knives specification:φ250*φ125*8(26pieces)
    Three-point knives:φ250*φ125*90(suitable for 90mm material)
    Maximum coiling diameter: Φ1200mm;
    Cutting width error: ± 0.1mm;
    Strip edge straightness: ≤0.2mm/2m;
    Cutting burr: ≤0.02mm;
    Installed power: approx. 65KW;
    Entire line weight: approx. 20t; and
    Overall dimensions (L × W × H): approx. 12.6m × 6.5m × 2m.