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Square transformer CNC winding machine

The square transformer CNC winding machine produced by our factory is a breakthrough innovation achieved by our factory after years of research and independent development. This product is a patented product and the first of its kind in China.

This machine solves the problems of high labor intensity and technical difficulty in manual winding of square coils of square transformers, and significantly improves product performance and production efficiency.

    State-of-the-art control system: The main control system of the winding machine adopts the most advanced PLC programmable controller to ensure precise control and efficient operation. 
    All data can be set on the user-friendly touch screen, which also automatically calculates wire length. The machine has functions such as automatic line storage, automatic counting, automatic parking, and warehousing recording. 
    Advanced winding technology: The iron core of the machine can rotate freely 360 degrees, and the wire can be easily wound around the corners and round edges of the iron core. It represents a revolutionary breakthrough in the winding of square coils for square transformers. The machine provides precision and accuracy not possible with manual winding, ensuring a consistent number of coil turns and improving overall product performance. 
    Improve efficiency and productivity: This machine eliminates the labor-intensive process of manual winding, reduces labor costs, and improves work efficiency. It overcomes the challenges of manual winding, such as high labor intensity, low efficiency, and inconsistent number of coil turns. The machine's automated features, including wire storage and counting, greatly simplify the winding process and increase productivity. 


    Square transformer CNC winding machine is specially designed for winding square coils of square transformers. It is indispensable in industries that require precise and efficient winding processes. The machine effectively replaces manual winding, providing higher precision, saving labor and increasing production efficiency. The machine's advanced control system and innovative winding technology make it very suitable for various types of square transformers. It ensures each coil is wound precisely, resulting in consistent product performance and reliability. To sum up, our CNC winding machine provides a revolutionary solution to the labor-intensive process of winding square coils in square transformers. Its advanced control system, innovative winding technology and higher efficiency make it ideal for demanding winding applications. With its superior performance and productivity, it sets new standards in the industry.