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Georg Analogue CNC Step-Lap Transformer Core Cutting Machine with Swing Shear


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1.The system device realizes the function

1.The system can complete the automatic production of straight slit.oblique slit.right Angle plus bevel.parallelogram and other iron chip type.and automatically complete the cutting.corner.counting.punching.punching V-port work. The device is equipped with three -.five - and seven-step functions.

2.The system can realize the automatic input of silicon steel sheet coil material and the automatic output of processed parts (automatic feeding,automatic discharging,automatic sorting

,positioning and correction functions).

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2. System equipment main composition and other

1. Fixed and transmitted parts of silicon steel sheet coil

1) Hydraulic discharge machine (placing silicon steel sheet coil).its carrying capacity of 2T.the inner diameter of the coil size range of 450~550mm.the maximum width of 300mm.

2) The feeding machine is equipped with feeding motor and inverter.and automatically adjusted by the sensor to ensure the normal transmission of the silicon steel sheet coil.

3) AC servo system with PLC module to achieve high precision size feeding.requiring fast response.high positioning accuracy.low noise.low heat loss.long life and other characteristics.and to ensure the speed and accuracy of feeding.

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2.Silicon steel positioning mechanism

1) Workpiece positioning part: using the lead screw linear guide rail center ensure the use of accuracy and life.

2) The positioning of the workpiece should be firm and reliable to prevent the deviation of the workpiece in the transmission process; The center of workpiece width coincides with the center of lead screw guide. The minimum width is 40mm and the maximum width is 300mm.

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Name full automatic swing-shearer step lap transformer core cut machine 

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