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Transformer Pressure Gelation Molding Machine APG Machine

Yibo Machinery introduces the Pole Mounted Distribution Transformer Pressure Gelation Molding Machine, a fully automatic and servo-controlled equipment with a PLC touch screen interface. This machine is designed to improve production efficiency and product quality, with the capability to customize clamp plate sizes for a wide range of electric resin epoxy products. It can save over 100 product data, providing convenient and efficient production, along with features such as automatic start and heating, hydraulic pressure and temperature setting, and valve flow control. Suitable for large and medium-sized equipment, this machine offers a mold plate size of 1200*1200,1000*1000,800*800, 800*600mm, as well as adjustable upper and lower core-pulling stroke lengths. With servo motor and PLC touch screen control, this machine is a reliable choice for enhancing manufacturing processes.